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Calrose Rice, America’s Number 1 Rice

Rice production is the third largest among cereals in U.S., after corn and wheat, count 2% world production approximately. USA Rice represents rice producers in the six largest rice-producing states of Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.


The sunny state of California is rich in agriculture, most notably for its oranges, and lemon production. But its rice crop is notably outstanding as well, mostly producing medium and short grain rice. Most of this production consists of Calrose, which is California’s leading rice and makes up 85% of the state’s total rice production.


Calrose (USDA#C.I. 8988) was born and bred in California, where it was developed from Japanese pearl rice cultivars and passed to growers in 1948. It is a medium grain rice which is full in width and medium in length.


“Cal” indicates the rice’s California origin and production, while the name “Rose” had previously been used for a popular medium grain rice from Louisiana named “Blue Rose”, making California’s own medium grain rice a “Calrose”.


During the Annual World Rice Conference held in Hong Kong in November 2013, out of a wide pool of competitors, Calrose Rice was voted by judges as the World’s Best Rice.


Calrose has a similar texture to Japanese pearl rice, with a soft and slight stickiness. It is commonly used in all sorts of dushes from sushi, to rice bowls, to congee, all of which are elevated by the taste of this premium grain.


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