天津飯 500 x 375
Tianjin Rice
  1. Rinse jasmine rice and cook in rice cooker with 270ml
  2. Cut the spring onion and crab stick into diagonal slices.
  3. Add cooking sake, soy sauce, chicken bouillon powder, 220mL water, 1 Tsp sesame oil, salt, pepper, and potato starch into a pot and stir well over medium heat until combined into a sauce. Then add spring onion, green peas and cook until boiling.
  4. Crack 2 eggs into a bowl and beat well. Add half the sliced crab stick and mix well.
  5. Heat a small frying pan with 1 Tbspsesame oil, then pour the egg, mixing vigorously in the pan to create air bubbles in the egg until it is light and fluffy. Heat the eggs until they are about half cooked.
  6. Repeat with the remaining 2 eggs, sliced 3 crab sticks, and 1 tbsp sesame oil.
  7. Serve jasmine rice in a plate, place the eggs on top, then pour in the sauce.



Chewy Golden Premium Thai Hom Mali Rice 225g

Water (For Rice) 270cc

Eggs 4 pieces

Crab Stick 6 pieces

Spring Onion 1 piece

Green Peas (Boiled) 14 pieces









Cooking Sake 1 Tbsp

Soy Sauce 1 Tbsp

Chicken Bouillon Powder 2 Tsp

Water (For Sauce) 220cc

Sesame Oil (For Sauce) 1 Tsp

Salt, Pepper To Taste

Potato Starch 1 Tbsp

Sesame Oil (For Egg) 2 Tbsp