燒飯糰 500 x 375
Fried Rice Ball
  1. Rinse 250g of rice and cook in rice cooker with 300ml water.
  2. Mix cooked rice with soy sauce and white sesame seed.
  3. Divide rice into 4 equal portions, wrap in cling film, and knead firmly into rice ball shape.
  4. Heat ½ tablespoon of sesame oil in a frying pan, and sear both sides of rice ball for 2 minutes each.

  5. Mix soy sauce and mirin and simmer with rice ball for about 30 seconds.



Kumai American Pearl Rice 250g

Water 300ml

Soy Sauce (for rice) 1 tablespoon

White sesame seeds 2 teaspoons

Sesame Oil  ½ teaspoon





Soy Sauce (for sauce) 2 teaspoons

Mirin 2 teaspoons