Thick Broth Udon with Preserved Plum and Egg
  1. Boil the udon in water for three minutes with occasional stirring, then drain and place in a bowl.
  2. Remove the roots of the enoki mushrooms and cut into half.
  3. Boil water in a pot, then add sauce ingredients and enoki mushroom. Beat the eggs and once the water is boiling again, add them to the pot along with the potato starch water.
  4. Serve the contents of the pot on top of the cooked udon, then add white radish and preserved plum as toppings.                                                                Tips: You may add thinly-sliced seaweed, wasabi, or other kinds of mushrooms as additional toppings.



Kumai Sanuki Frozen Udon 2 servings

Enoki mushrooms 1/3 pack (70g)

Water 600ml

Eggs 2 pieces

White Radish Sprouts to taste

Umeboshi Preserved Plum 1 piece










Dashi Fish Stock Powder 2 teaspoons

Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon

Mirin Sweet Sake 2 tablespoons

Cooking Sake 2 tablespoons

Salt 1 teaspoon

Potato Starch Mixed In Water (Potato Starch 1 and ½ tablespoons +Water 3 tablespoons)