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Wild Rice and 4- Vegetable Salad
  1. Boil the wild rice in ample water for approximately 45 minutes, then drain and let cool.
  2. Slice the celery diagonally into ~5mm long pieces. Peel the avocado and remove the pit, then cut into ~1cm chunks. Remove roots from the red cabbage sprouts.
  3. Peel and chop carrots into small thin pieces, then add a bit of salt until the moisture comes out. Then rinse the carrots in clean water.
  4. Combine all dressing ingredients, then mix well with wild rice and vegetables to serve.



Kumai Organic Wild Rice 40g

Celery ½ piece (60g)

Avocado ½  piece (70g)

Red Cabbage Sprouts ¼ pack (5g)

Carrot ½  piece (60g)

Salt ½ teaspoon










Fresh lime juice 1 tablespoon

Salt ½ teaspoon

Honey 2 teaspoons

Seed mustard 2 teaspoons

Olive oil 3 teaspoons