越式香茅雞扒撈米 500 x 375
Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken with Rice Vermicelli
  1. Shred the cucumber, iceberg lettuce and carrot.
  2. Mince the lemongrass.
  3. To prepare the dipping sauce. Slice the shallot, garlic and red bird chili. Juice the lime. 
  4. Combine shallot, garlic, red bird chili, lime juice, fish sauce, boiled cold water, brown sugar and sweet chili sauce and set aside.
  5. Marinate the chicken with minced lemongrass, minced garlic, ginger juice, sugar and fish sauce for 20 minutes.
  6. In a pot, bring the water to boil and cook the Chewy Instant Rice Vermicelli Original Flavor until soft, drain and transfer to the plate.
  7. In a pan, add some oil on a medium high heat and cook the chicken until golden brown on both sides and fully cook inside.
  8. Cut the chicken into slice.
  9. Place the shredded cucumber, iceberg lettuce, carrot and chicken over the Chewy Instant Rice Vermicelli Original Flavor. Sprinkle some fried shallot on top.
  10. Serve with the dipping sauce.



Chewy Instant Rice Vermicelli Original Flavor 1 pack

Chicken thigh 2 pcs , about 100g

Cucumber ½ pc

Iceberg lettuce ¼ pc

Carrot ¼ pc

Fried shallot to taste
















Chicken Marinade

Lemongrass 1pc

Minced garlic 1 tbsp

Ginger juice 1 tbsp

Sugar 1 tsp

Fish sauce ½ tbsp


Dipping Sauce Ingredients

Shallot 1pc

Clove garlic 1pc

Red bird chili 1pc

Limes 2pcs

Fish sauce 3 tbsp

Boiled cold water 2 tbsp

Brown sugar 2 tbsp

Sweet chili sauce 1 tbsp