北菇滑雞煲仔飯 500 x 375
Mushroom and Chicken Hong Kong Style Pot Rice
  1. Rinse the rice and put it in a pot.
  2. Cut the chicken thighs into 2cm chunks and slice the shiitake mushrooms into 8mm thick pieces.
  3. Mix XO sauce, cooking sake, soy sauce, and sugar to create a sauce.
  4. Add 300mL water into the pot with the rice in it and mix lightly. Add chicken and mushroom on top and soak for 20 minutes.
  5. Place the lid on the pot and heat till boiling. Then turn heat to low and simmer for 12 minutes. Turn off the flame and keep the lid on to steam for 15 minutes.
  6. Chop spring onions into small pieces, and scatter. Then pour the sauce on top of the rice and cover for 5 more minutes to steam.



Golden Home Chinese Premium Medium Grain White Rice 300g

Chicken Thighs 200g

Shiitake Mushrooms 4 pieces

Spring Onion 2 pieces








XO Sauce 2 Tbsp

Sake 2 Tsp

Soy Sauce 2 Tsp

Sugar 2 Tsp

Water 300cc