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New Flavours of Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli

TWO popular flavours of Chewy Cup Instant Vermicelli have been launched, Laotan pickled flavour and River snails flavour


Laotan pickled flavour rice vermicelli included little spicy pickled mustard make mouthwatering, savory and sweet taste.


River snails flavour rice vermicelli refer to Liuzhou flavour with sour bamboo shoots, dried radish, sour beans, peanuts ingredients, brings out different kinds of impressive taste, spicy, fresh, sour and hot.


Now available in major retail stores, Wellcome Supermarkets, U Select Stores , AEON Supermarkets, YATA Supermarkets, Citistore, UNY, Ka Hing Supermarkets, Lung Fung Group, HKTV Mall, Ztore and HOME+.